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Read more about Gail in her recent interview with Eclectic Maker. Follow this link: Gail interview

If we haven’t met before, my name’s Gail Lawther, and I’m a quilter and textile artist.

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I began working full-time in fabric and thread about 20 years ago, and can’t imagine a better way to earn my living! I design and stitch quilts for books and patterns, and also create larger pieces on commission.

I travel all round the UK and further afield, giving talks about my quilts and teaching workshops, and several times each year I do residential workshops in different places. You can find out more about all of these on the Talks and Workshops page.

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You will find me, often with my husband Chris, at quilt shows around the country; we try to do a different combination of shows each year, but are always at the Festival of Quilts at NEC in August.

You can find details of our current books, as well as all my patterns, on their particular website pages. I’m now offering some of my quilts for sale, via the website.

Chris and I also edit, design and publish books, booklets, catalogues and publicity, for ourselves and other quilters. Chris is a graphic designer, and also teaches the subject part-time at Foundation Degree level, while I’m a trained editor.
Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our publishing and design services.

I design and make church banners (see the Banners page); many of these designs are available to buy as full-size patterns, so that you can create your own versions for your church.

When we’re not working, we love walking by the sea near our South Coast home, and exploring Britain and further afield; nothing beats sitting in the sun, reading, with a cool glass of wine or Pimms and some snacks at hand …

Below you’ll find a couple of Youtube clips which relate to our latest two books: Bonnie McCaffery interviewing me about Glimpses of New Zealand, and our home-produced iMovie on Glimpses of Britain. Both books  – and more! –can be ordered using the Book & Patterns order form 2017 on the home page.


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