Over the past 15 years I’ve designed and made many large banners for churches, and quite a few of them are shown here. If you’d like to talk to me about the possibility of making a banner for your church, please do get in touch.

Quite a few of the banner designs are also available to buy, so that you can create your own version for your own church. The designs are traced full-size onto dressmakers’ tracing paper, and come with basic instructions on the best methods for assembling the designs. As these are all hand-traced, and so take a little while to produce, they aren’t sold through our online shop; just e-mail me for details.

I also offering a one-day workshop on planning, designing and stitching your own church banner; this is ideal for a church stitching team, or for a group of churches in an area to run together. It’s not a stitching day; instead, we cover the whole subject of creating your own design, including:
• different ways of getting inspiration
• brainstorming and mind-mapping ideas
• exploring symbolism (of images, ideas, colours etc)
• creating moodboards to help you refine your ideas 
• strengths and challenges of working in a team
• avoiding pitfalls
• choosing techniques
• working with different fabrics
• hanging methods

Please contact me with any enquires and for more information.

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